Having had many Senior Therapists supervise my son's program over the years, I can honestly say we have never had one with such passion for the job as Mary does. She is reliable, approachable and very knowledgeable in her work. She is an absolute asset to my son's team.


Mary interacts very positively with her students and is always willing to listen to parents ideas and incorporate them in developing programs for kids. She is pleasant and approachable. She listens to the therapist and is able to create customized programs to suite to a child's unique needs


Mary has been our Senior therapist for just over 2 years now. She is very in tune with our child and the programs that he needs. My instructor therapist finds Mary very easy to work with. Mary is very approachable and easy to talk to. She is professional and our son enjoys her visits to our home. Having a team that works together so well makes our lives smoother. It is nice to go to work every day when you know that your child is getting the best support possible.<br /> Thanks Mary for your love and care of our child.


Mary always puts the child's needs first. She is willing to create programming to work with each individual's requirements. She responds promptly to emails and is more than willing to listen to ideas. Our daughter continues to progress well with her social and academic programs.

Kirsten G.

We have received service from Mary for almost 6 years. Mary's credentials, program composition and the ability to accommodate the particular needs of our son continue to be demonstrated time and time again. Her dedication, personal attention and care are a huge factor in the many successes our son has achieved. She is always as excited as we are about his accomplishments. Mary is a true advocate well beyond the therapy environment. She cares about our son and her individualized program compositions incorporate all aspects of his life including: academics, short-term goals, life skills and long-term goals. There is always an open and regular line of communication. Mary actively listens to our ideas that we have based on our and our sons needs and incorporates these ideas into his programming. ?Our son is happy, fun loving and finally has the ability to communicate with us and others. He has made tremendous progress in his behavior and academics.<br />Thank you Mary!

The Thompson Family, Courtice

Mary has been working with our son for the past two and a half years and we couldn't be happier with his progress. Obtaining services and navigating funding can be a minefield, but Mary makes the process so much easier. She is knowledgeable, organized, and very good at what she does. And our son is always delighted to see her on a "Mary Day"!

Roxanne & Lester F.

I have been working as an instructor therapist under Mary's supervision for two and a half years. I have worked with Mary in both home based and center based IBI programs. In both environments Mary has been an incredible person to work with.<br /> From an instructor therapist point of view, Mary has all the qualities, plus more, needed in a senior therapist. Not only is Mary a very compassionate person, she is also very lovely to be around. Mary always ensures that programs are appropriate for each individuals needs and also keeps programs moving at a speed suitable for each learner.<br /> Mary's professionalism is outstanding. During follow-ups I was always guaranteed to receive the correct materials/programs. The progress both parents and myself have seen from her guidance is phenomenal. In between follow-ups she is very responsive through email which has always been a tremendous help. Parents and children also always look forward to seeing Mary.<br /> It is without a doubt that Mary MacNaull's incredible insight, one of a kind work ethic and fantastic interpersonal skills will make her a great asset to any IBI team.

Alana Smith - Instructor Therapist

I have known and worked with Mary Mac Naull for the last ten years, both at the former BCTS. Centre and as a private Instructional Therapist. Mary has been my Program Supervisor for many of my clients over the last ten years. Mary has always shown professionalism, consideration for her clients, and the spirit of a team player. Mary has worked hard for her clients and has proved herself to be a tireless advocate for the autistic children in our community. Mary has furthered her education in the field of Applied Behavioural Analysis to keep up to date with the latest strategies and methods to help her clients. Mary has shown her experience in being able to match the proper programs with her widely diverse clientele and have her clients show success on all levels. Mary has worked with children ranging in ages from 2-17. These children have a wide range of issues, from mild to severe autism. The continued success of Mary's clients are a testament to how hard she works for her clients and how much she enjoys her field of work.

Vicki Gilbert - Instructor Therapist

Mary has been the Senior Therapist, supervising the IBI Program for a young boy to whom I've been the Instructor Therapist for the past four years. Although, Mary only started supervising his program in this past year, during this time the child has made significant gains, progressing at a steady pace.<br /> I believe the difference in the child's progress is that Mary listens and responds to the wishes of the people that know the child best. Even though originally, his speech was not clear, Mary identified that he was being consistent in his verbal responses and provided programming at a verbal level. With the extra verbal practice, his speech has improved significantly and he is responding at a sentence level a great deal of the time.<br /> The child is feeling proud of his gains and is willing to attempt new programs more readily. I would highly recommend Mary as a Senior Therapist. Her experience and ability to relate to the families on her caseload is superior!

Vicky - Instructor Therapist

Instructor Therapist

Laura Butler - Instructor Therapist