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I have known and worked with Mary Mac Naull for the last ten years, both at the former BCTS. Centre and as a private Instructional Therapist. Mary has been my Program Supervisor for many of my clients over the last ten years. Mary has always shown professionalism, consideration for her clients, and the spirit of a team player. Mary has worked hard for her clients and has proved herself to be a tireless advocate for the autistic children in our community. Mary has furthered her education in the field of Applied Behavioural Analysis to keep up to date with the latest strategies and methods to help her clients. Mary has shown her experience in being able to match the proper programs with her widely diverse clientele and have her clients show success on all levels. Mary has worked with children ranging in ages from 2-17. These children have a wide range of issues, from mild to severe autism. The continued success of Mary's clients are a testament to how hard she works for her clients and how much she enjoys her field of work.

Vicki Gilbert - Instructor Therapist